Spherotech 8峰流式校准彩虹荧光微球 Rainbow Calibration Particles
  • Spherotech 8峰流式校准彩虹荧光微球 Rainbow Calibration Particles

Rainbow Calibration Particles, 8 peaks






Calibration Particles are designed for routine calibration of fl ow cytometers. They are used extensively by many laboratories for QC and long term performance tracking. In addition, they are used for routine alignment and calibration in fl uorescence and confocal fl uorescence microscopy.

  1. Contains multiple fl uorophores incorporated in the same particle to be used in multiple channels of the flow cytometer
  2. Available with different fl uorescent intensities on the same size particles
  3. Stable for several years when stored properly
  4. Withstand freeze-thaw cycles; diluted particles can be stored frozen for later use
  5. Can be sanitized by treating with 70% ethanol or other antibiotic agents

The Rainbow Calibration Particles (RCPs) contain a mixture of several similar size particles with different fl uorescence intensities. Every particle contains a mixture of fl uorophores that allows excitation at any wavelength from 365 to 650 nm. As a result, most channels in the fl ow cytometer can be calibrated using the same set of particles.

The RCPs provide a reliable and reproducible particle mixture for calibrating fl ow cytometers. They are very stable since the fl uorochromes are entrapped within the particles instead of being located on the surface. In addition, Spherotech uses fl uorophores that are non-spectral matching to the commonly used fl uorophores such as FITC, PE or PE-Cy5. As a result, the RCPs are stable in terms of fl uorescence.

The RCPs series products are usually in stock and available within 3 days from HyperCyte warehouse.

The RCPs are convenient and affordable to use for long term performance tracking or routine calibration. They are packaged in a dropper bottle to facilitate dispensing and storage. Dilution of a few drops of the particles from the dropper bottle to 1 mL of a diluent will provide adequate particle concentration for fl ow cytometer calibration.